BrickArms WWII Allies Pack v3

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Armies from nations oceans apart join forces to defend freedom with the weaponry and equipment including in the BrickArms Allies Pack V3! With a selection of WWI and WWII American and British rifles, helmets, and heavy weapons, the enemies of freedom don’t stand a chance!


• Bren
• Brodie Helmet
• Buildable Lewis Gun (includes receiver, pan magazine, barrel, bipod, and barrel end)
• M1 Steel Pot Helmet
• M1 Garand
• Ammo Clip
• M1903-A4 Snipe Rifle
• M1911 v2 Pistol
• M1917 Pistol
• M97 Trench Gun
• M1A1 SMG
• M6 Rocket
• Sten Gun with removable magazine
• Vickers Air Machine Gun