BrickArms Combat Knife

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Because sometimes even modern combat can be up-close and personal! The BrickArms Combat Knife is the perfect choice for any minifig looking for a silent but very effective alternative to a firing weapon, especially in close quarters fighting. Honed to a (pretend) razor-sharp edge, the BrickArms Combat Knife lets your figs dispatch their foes quickly and quietly.

The BrickArms Combat Knife: now THAT'S a knife!


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    Combat knife

    Posted by Leonard on 9th Jun 2021

    A much needed upgrade to Lego's knives. Any minifig will look fantastic with these.

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    Mando's Toothpick

    Posted by Schinzon on 20th Mar 2021

    If Din Djarin needed a toothpick, this USMC Kabar is it. Smooth, to scale and clicks in like "they" made it themselves!