BrickArms Zombie Defense 2018 Pack

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Defeat the Zombie Hordes with the updated Zombie Defense 2018 pack.  As always, the Zombie Defense pack includes all types of Zombie blasting and bashing weapons, and a new custom head designed and printed by Citizen Brick!

It includes:
• Custom Pad Printed Zombie Head from Citizen Brick
• SABR Shotgun
• M1903 Scoped Springfield Rifle
• Radi8 .44 Pistol
• M4-TAC Rifle
• XMP Submachine Gun
• Cricket Bat
• Trench Mace
• M16 Rifle
• M21 Sniper Rifle
• M9 Pistol
• M1 Carbine (Full stock)
• L85A1 Assault Rifle
• ARC Rifle
• Trench Knife
• Combat SMG
• Machete
• Heavy Assault Carbine (HAC)