BrickArms M16-AGL

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The classic M16 reborn for modern assault, the BrickArms M16 Advanced Grenade Launcher (M16-AGL)combines the accuracy of the assault rifle with the power of a grenade launcher in one deadly package!


Equipped with a scope for added accuracy, any fig armed with the BrickArms M16-AGL is ready to support their squad with some truly heavy duty firepower!


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    look great but doesn't clip in properly

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Apr 2016

    I ordered this because it looked downright deadly what with the scope and the grenade launcher, and that remains true after receiving my order. However, even though one of the photos shows a minifigure holding it by the launcher, I find the gun tends to slip out of a minifigure's hands in this position. Further, if you clip it by the handle it still rattles around in the hand a lot because it's a little loose there too. Still happy with it though because even though the gripping isn't perfect my minifigures can still hold it loosely without it falling off.